15 Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

15 Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Do you envy Rapunzel?

Such long and lustrous hair. It is a dream that most have and it is not unachievable.

Whether you are suffering from hair growth problems or envious of the long and shiny locks of your favorite movie star or want to get out of a disastrous haircut, we have the best solutions for all these hair issues!

The Science Behind Hair Growth

1. An average human has 1,00,000 hair follicles, each of which produces 20 hairs in a lifetime.
2. Each of our hair strands undergoes 3 stages: The anagen phase, Catagen phase, and Telogen phase.

About 90% of the hair on your scalp now is in the growth phase or the Anagen phase which usually takes around 5 years.

During the Catagen phase, the hair follicle shrinks. This happens to 1% of hair strands and takes about a month’s time.

And finally, in the Telogen phase, the hair rests or falls off. This happens to around 10 – 15% of the hair strands and this period lasts up to 5 months.

3. The rate of hair growth varies from person to person, but the average rate is about 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year.

4. Each hair strand completes its cycle and wears off. A person loses about 50 to 100 hair strands per day. On the day when you wash your hair, you end up losing up to 250 strands. But if you lose more than this range, you suffer from severe hair fall problems and should consult a dermatologist.

Causes Behind Hair Fall

1. Genetics

Genetics is one of the major causes of hair fall. Studies show that 60% of people inherit the problem of acute hair fall. And sadly there are no treatments to cure hair fall caused by heredity. However, you can take care of your mane to delay the process and make it healthy and shiny.

2. Improper Diet

A healthy diet is very important not only for our body but also for our skin and hair. Our scalp cells need proper nourishment and nutrition. People who follow a low protein diet can suffer protein deficiency which leads to a massive amount of hair shedding. The deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can cause hair to fall and thin of hair.

3. Prolong Diseases

Hair loss caused due to diseases or illnesses is mostly temporary. It is cured once the body returns to good health. Typhoid, flu, fungus infection on the scalp (ringworm), etc causes hair fall.

Thyroid imbalance is another condition that leads to temporary hair fall, as both underactive and overactive thyroid glands are responsible for hair loss. However, it can easily be cured by proper medication from the physician.

4. Stress

Our present day lifestyle has long working hours and a hectic schedule and stress is the subversive effect. Our scalp cells, like other body cells, need relaxation and rejuvenation. Therefore practice yoga and meditation to reduce the effects of stress and thus reduce hair fall.

5. Cosmetics

The use of chemical laden cosmetics causes severe hair fall. These chemicals clog your scalp pores by forming a layer over them. Most shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals which have adverse effects on your hair. Avoid using them and switch to natural products, you can use a mixture of amla, reetha, and shikakai to wash your hair. A hair pack of honey and eggs can be used as a natural conditioner.

There are also some mechanical reasons also which cause hair fall like excessive combing, hair styling (like dye, bleach, perming), tight braids, etc.

How To Grow Hair Faster 

1. Check What You Eat

It has already been discussed that diet plays an important role in the growth of healthy and lustrous hair. It is very important that you nourish them from outside as well as inside.

A well balanced diet for healthy skin and hair should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables and should be followed religiously. Include nutrients such as Vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and calcium as they prevent hair loss. You know that our hair is composed of “keratin”- a protein, so have a protein rich diet that consists of soybean, cheese, milk, fish, chicken, etc. Stay away from that junk and processed food as it inhibits hair growth. So what you eat is the answer to how to increase hair growth.

Here is a detailed article on foods that help hair growth.

2. Dietary Supplements

To regulate the growth of the hair naturally, including dietary supplements such as bio vitamins, multivitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids. They are also found in green leafy vegetables, cereals, peas, fish, beans, almonds, yogurt, etc. However, before taking any supplements in the form of tablets or capsules, consult your physician as some people may be allergic to them.

Here is a list of essential vitamins for hair growth that will help answer the question of how to improve hair growth.

3. Drink More Water

Do you know that our hair consists of 95 % protein and 5 % water? Therefore it is important that you should drink 10-12 glasses of water daily, to keep your grow hair faster and keep it nourished, and healthy.

4. Regular exercise

Regular exercise not only keeps our body healthy but also encourages hair growth. 20 minutes of regular exercise such as yoga, meditation, walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, etc improves blood circulation and helps the nutrients to penetrate into our scalp.

Here is a detailed post on 8 Yoga exercises that protect your hair.

5. Proper Sleep

Do not forget to include 8 hours of sleep in your daily routine. Lack of sleep causes hair fall, dark circles, pigmentation, dull skin, and a stressful mind. Peaceful sleep is important for a healthy mind and body. Try to sleep on a silk pillowcase as it will be soft on your hair by causing less friction.

6. Regular Trimming

Split ends are one of the major reasons which inhibit hair growth. If your hair is dry and damaged, then you are bound to have split ends. Trim your hair every 3 months to get rid of split ends and encourage hair growth. Remember – never prick your split ends as it would further aggravate your problem.

Click here for more long hair tips.

7. Cleansing

Wash your hair regularly to keep it clean and healthy. The sebum produced by the oil glands forms a layer over the scalp and inhibits the growth of hair. Do not use chemical laden products, instead opt for natural shampoos and conditioners. But frequent shampooing is also harmful as it will make it dry, stripped, and prone to breakage. Wash your hair twice a week to keep it squeaky clean and healthy.

8. Hot oil Massages

Nothing can be more soothing than a hot oil massage with your favorite aromatic oils. Oil massage improves blood circulation to the roots of your hair and encourages hair growth. You can use various oils such as coconut, almond, olive, jojoba, or rosemary oil for regular massages. Use a towel dipped in hot water to cover your hair after the massage as it helps in penetrating the oil into your scalp opening the pores.

9. Protect Your Hair

Pollution, sun, and dust can have adverse effects on your tresses. They make your hair dry and damaged by stripping off the natural oils from the scalp and inhibiting hair growth. Wear a hat or cover your head with a silk scarf when you step outside. Avoid tight hairstyles such as high ponytails, tight braids, and cornrows as they put stress on your hair making them loose from the roots and causing hair to fall. Do not comb wet hair as they are easily prone to breakage.

10. Natural Hair Pack

Apart from all these, you obviously have the best and safest option of the various homemade remedies for hair growth. You can use amla, fenugreek seeds, onion juice, avocado, etc for effective results. However, these remedies may take a long time and thus you have to be patient with them.

Here are 5 natural hair packs to help your hair grow faster.

In most cases, it has been observed that by the regulation of diet, exercising, healthy hair practices, and regulating the stress levels, people have successfully been able to control even the most severe hair fall problem.

11. Hair Extensions

The fastest way to make your hair appear longer is to use hair extensions. These are of varying lengths, straight or wavy, and different colors are used to accentuate your look. They look chic and trendy and are the quickest solution.

12. Simple Tricks To Make Your Hair Look Longer

Apart from hair extensions, there are a few hair styling options that make your hair look longer than it actually is. These could include straightening, middle parting, adding layers, etc.

13. Consult a Dermatologist

If you have tried all the home remedies without any success or have the genetic disorder of hair fall, you can try a prescription for a hair growth treatment. In this treatment, firstly consult a dermatologist so that he or she can study your problem. By his or her advice, you can take supplements and undergo medications.

14. Homoeopathy For Hair Loss

We all are familiar with homeopathic treatment, as it has very less side effects as compared to allopathic treatments. They are clinically proven to give you effective but slow responses. Be patient when you choose homeopathic treatment.

15. Rogaine for Hair Growth

Rogaine (minoxidil) is widely famous as the only non-prescription hair growth treatment. It is a topical treatment that stimulates hair growth and also prevents hair loss. Rogaine is safe for application for both men and women. You can easily buy Rogaine at any local drugstore.

Avoid Doing These

1. Hair Colour

Most hair colors contain ammonia, which is an industrial bleaching agent. It can play havoc on your hair by making it dry and damaged. Excessive use of hair colors can lead to hair fall by damaging the hair follicles. Instead of chemicals try natural options like henna. It colors as well as conditions your hair making it soft, smooth and healthy hair. You can also use coffee or cinnamon powder.

2. Hair Treatment

Every other day we fancy different hair styles, sometimes straight, perm, or wavy. But do you know that these hair treatments use a lot of harsh chemicals which lead to severe hair fall? Regular hair straightening also leads to split ends, and once it starts splitting, you have to continuously chop them to let your hair grow. Try to avoid them as much as possible and start loving your natural tresses.

3. Do Not Brush Your Wet Hair

This is one of the biggest mistakes people generally make – combing or brushing their hair while it’s still wet. Never do this. Wait for your hair to dry naturally, gently detangle, and then comb softly.

4. Avoid Hot Water

Do not use hot water while rinsing your hair. It makes your hair very dry and brittle. Always use cool water as it allows the cuticle to smooth out and lie flat, thus giving you soft and manageable hair.

5. Tight Hairstyles And Rubber Bands

When you tie your hair into a tight ponytail or braid, the hair gets pulled from the roots and gets stressed. This makes them loose from the roots and thus, more prone to breakage. It makes the hair weak and causes permanent damage.

Rubber bands also pull the hair out from the roots causing extensive damage to the mane. The hair becomes weak and hurts the scalp.

I hope you found these mantras, tips, and tricks helpful for growing your hair faster. Do try them and discover your beautiful tresses.

Comment and tell us all about the tricks you plan to employ and later on how they worked too!

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