Brightup Beard Trimmer

Brightup Beard Trimmer

There comes a time when body hair just gets all out of control and you get overwhelmed about how to effectively get rid of all that extra fur. No need to fret yourself over whiskers, beards, and all those tragi hairs, introducing the Brightup Cordless all in one grooming kit.

This stupendous kit comes equipped with all the gizmos to get rid of all that unruly hair; from nose hairs to body hair down to your beard. It is such a complete and professional pack, consisting of hair clippers, a micro shaver, a body hair trimmer, a precision trimmer, a beard, and a nose or ear trimmer.

For those annoying tufts that sprout from your nose and ears, you have a nose and ear trimmer that comfortably removes them without irritating or harming you. The micro shaver is added for a finer and more refined finish to your cut, smoothly following the contours of your jaw or head. If you are that stylish person who wants to add some design to your shave, you can easily make use of the design trimmer that adds finer detail and sharp lines for otherworldly designs. Rock your style.

The shaver comes with 5 different-sized trimmer combs that make it easier to choose your preferred height. The trimmers are very portable, equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that can give you a 90-min runtime once fully charged. It has a USB cable that you can use to charge anywhere, even on your laptop. What’s more, the trimmer is totally waterproof and therefore easy to wash. With perfectly sharp blades and an LED display, this kit is the sleekest accessory needed to get rid of all that hair.

The Good Points

  1. It is very much affordable
  2. It is washable and thus very easy to clean
  3. The sharp, steel blades give a very smooth shave
  4. It has a durably rechargeable battery and an LED display that shows battery life in percentages
  5. It is a complete pack and helps to get rid of all the body hair

The Bad

  1.  It does not come with a wall socket adaptor for USB plugging and the charging cable is a bit short.

Should you buy it?

The Brightup Cordless all-in-one grooming kit is a very efficient kit for trimming your facial and body hair. With all the combs, changeable heads, sharp blades, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, this kit will make your life easier and allow you to style your hair and beard as you wish. It is a very affordable product that is very portable, versatile, and very easy to clean under running water.

What others are saying about it

Amazon ID: Ira

This is a SOLID device. I am 67 years old and remember when things were solid and built right. As soon as you hold this trimmer you can feel what I’m talking about. I use it to trim my beard and along the borders of the beard on my neck. It does NOT pinch you. I’ve used the attachments for my beard and hair. It really goes to town. I’ve had it for 3 weeks, used it every few days, and only charged it when I got it. The LED displays still show an 80% charge remaining! I am impressed. I am a perfectionist by nature and am perfectly happy with your trimmer. Thank you for making this.

Amazon ID: Otis

This is the best trimmer I’ve ever owned. It came ready to go out of the box. Plenty of attachments for EVERYTHING: beard trimming and shaving. Super value and very stylish!

Amazon ID: Zife

This trimmer got delivered to me a few days back. I have used it only a couple of times, yet I am already fascinated by its performance. This multifunctional trimmer gives a smooth haircut, technically with no pain. The most amazing thing about this trimmer is that it has different trimming toolkits for different operations such as hair clipping, beard trimming, shaving, and so forth. It is easy to clean as it is waterproof and the battery life is excellent. It also comes with a precision dial and adjustable trimming combs which help in styling haircuts as desired. Totally satisfied with its performance!!!

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