Deep Conditioning Hair At Home

Deep Conditioning Hair At Home

Lovely tresses are a woman’s crowning glory. And taking care of them needs a lot of time, energy, and money, right? It demands a daily hair care routine along with a weekly routine and not to mention the periodic visits to the parlor. Not to mention, the products of daily care at home can also be so expensive. It feels like there is nothing you can do, right?

Well, not really! Let’s see how to deep condition hair at home, at a fraction of the price you’d probably pay for a hair spa session in a salon.

But first, the upside deep conditioning hair at home

  • You save money, time, and hassles of traveling.
  • You can customize the products based on your hair type (in the salon, they always use the same cream for everyone).
  • All natural products. Yes, when you are using ingredients from your kitchen and back yard along with the fact that you are making the pack yourself, you know exactly what is going in. So if you want an all natural pack, then that is exactly what you’ll get!

And the downside of deep conditioning hair at home

  • You will need to prepare the hair pack on your own. You will need to spare the time and also put in some effort towards preparation here.
  • When somebody else does the job, you feel more pampered. You may miss that at home.

Now, how to go about hair care with deep conditioning at home.

Deep Conditioning For Hair Growth At Home

You will need:

  • Mayonnaise- ½ cup or more, depending on the length of your hair
  • Olive oil- 1 tbsp. or more
  • Eggs-1 to 2


  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl and whisk well with a fork. You may also use a blender, alternatively. Ensure that they are all well mixed, and the mixture has a good consistency that isn’t too runny.
  • Shampoo your hair, and rinse well.
  • On towel dried hair, apply a generous coat of the above mentioned deep conditioner from scalp to tip. For this, you can divide your hair into small sections and begin application step by step and section by section.
  • Make a bun, so that you don’t soil your clothes. Wrap a shower cap around the hair. Leave for half an hour.
  • Now wrap your head with a moist, hot towel for 15-20 minutes. You may repeat this if you want. The warm towel will open out the pores in the scalp and ensure that the nutrients are absorbed well.
  • Wash off your hair with water. Make sure that the water is warm and not too hot for the heat shall strip away the moisture from the pack if it is too hot.
  • Do not apply your regular conditioner after this pack (too much of a good thing is bad)

It is preferred that you use this mask on a day when you will not be going out of the house since you want to allow any leftover oils to further act on the hair. Alternatively, you may follow the above steps at night, and wash off before sleeping. You may shampoo the next morning again.

 Additional Hair Conditioning Tips

Tip 1

If you have oily hair but still want to condition it without adding to the oiliness then take a cup full of sour curd or yogurt, beat a full egg to it, squeeze out the juice from half a lime or lemon and mix well. Add this mixture to the hair after shampooing for 30 mins and rinse off. The egg will condition your hair while yogurt and lime will keep it from adding any oiliness.

Tip 2

How many times has it been that you are using a conditioner, but you are not getting the expected results even after regular use of it, may it be a market available conditioner? This is because of the fact that you probably do not oil your hair. Use almond or plain simple coconut oil to your hair at night, not into the scalp (if your scalp is oily) just onto the hair strands. Then shampoo and condition it accordingly. 

Tip 3 – Hot Oil Therapy

These days everyone is well aware of its amazing benefits not just for your skin but for hair too! If you do not like oiling your hair but want an amazing natural hair conditioning treatment to it once a week or twice a month, try this hot oil treatment with any oil of your choice or just pure forms of almond or olive, or castor (although I do not prefer it since it’s thick in consistency) or coconut oil, or a mixture of any of these and heat it in a double boiler or through indirect heat and use while still warm, not hot and don’t burn your scalp with it. Then cover your hair after massaging it with hot oil with a warm moistened towel.

Tip 4 – Henna Conditioner

We all love using Mehendi on our hands, don’t we? But many also use it on their hair as a natural hair dye. But it does fabulous conditioning also.

For conditioner – Make tea liquor, while still, warm mix the required quantity of henna depending on your hair length and thickness. Then add 1 egg, 1 cup yogurt, 2 teaspoons of lime or lemon juice to it, mix and apply on hair, keep on for 15-20 minutes and wash off by shampooing.

For color – Do the liquor of tea, then add the required quantity of henna, and lemon juice plus a little bit of dark coffee powder if needed and keep overnight covered. The next day, before applying put one egg to it, no need for yogurt. Keep for at least 30-40 minutes on hair for color.

Henna should always be mixed in a china bowl or glass bowl or iron bowl, not in steel or aluminum since these react with henna’s active ingredients.

Tip 5

Only yogurt can also be used on hair. A mixture of egg and lemon juice only can also be used on hair, or a mixture of egg and oil can also be used as a conditioner.

 Do try the above homemade deep conditioner for hair growth. You will surely see the results from the first time itself.

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