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Grammarly for Millennials

Writing is a part of our daily life. Regardless of the nature of your work, the life you live, you will always write. Ever written something, presented it then came back to the same only to find minor mistakes? You then wonder how did this one slip under my nose? This happens to anyone, even the best of writers. Human is to error and anyone can go through this.

Grammarly is a writing tool that assists you to write the best articles that are well organized, and free from grammatical errors. It covers all possible errors that you as a human can’t identify. There is no way your work can go through Grammarly and come out with mistakes.

If you aspire to become a writer, then Grammarly is the true friend that you need to make it in this field. It has been tried and tested with time by millions and now it is available for you to use. Don’t get stuck guessing if you have done it right. Just download Grammarly and write your way to fame.

Who Are Millennials

These are people born in the year 1982-2004, which is after the 21st century. Some people feel that the millennial generation covers the years back from 1976 to 2004. However, this might not be of great importance as surroundings influence individuals differently. In the workplace, on technology and culture. Authors of the book Generation, Neil Howe, and William Strauss are said to be the people who coined the title.

Millennial Characteristics

  • They are over 76M of them in the US
  • They are politically unaffiliated
  • They have the most friends and followers on social media
  • Selfies and updating status is their way of life
  • They are not religious

The special term of this generation describes them. They were born and raised in a world of electronics, fast internet, vast technology, and social networks. This is a generation that has been brought up to go for whatever they want in life. This makes them more confident and optimistic to face life.

This optimism sometimes leads to unrealistic expectations that sometimes lead to disillusions. Some end up in the wrong jobs or unrelated fields. They can even remain unemployed waiting for their dream jobs which may never come.

What is Grammarly

As a writer, each time you put down your thoughts in writing, you have questions automatically running through your mind. You also worry if your writing is clear, if you have chosen the right words, or if the writing is authentic among others. Grammarly is here to take care of all these worries, for you.

Grammarly is an extension to your browser that helps you check spellings and grammar as you type. It relieves you of worries about your content. All writers use this tool to achieve clean output and increase their productivity.

Grammarly has two versions available to writers. One is free, while the other is paid. The basic version is available for you to simply download and use. The paid version is known as Grammarly Premium. It is not cheap. However, there are ways to get it for free and enjoy all its wonderful tools.

Grammarly Basic checks out minor grammar mistakes and spelling. It highlights missing or misplaced punctuation, mixed modifiers, like adverbs and adjectives. It is a great tool to work with, but it is limited to the mistakes it can avail for correction. It will highlight and tell you to upgrade to Grammarly Premium and make corrections. If you want a robust check up on your articles, you need Grammarly Premium.

How to Use Grammarly

The first move is to download Grammarly and incorporate it into your PC or smartphone. This way you are assured of another set of better eyes proofreading your work as you type. All the problems with your work are underlined in red. Once you click on the underlined word, a pop-up gives you the correction on the specific word. You have a choice to accept it or ignore. There are two ways to use Grammarly

  1. You open Grammarly and type in your document and correct it as well. You can decide to type and correct later. Whatever decision you make, your end result will be wonderful.
  2. You can paste in a document from another source and do your corrections.

If you are using basic Grammarly, all your spelling mistakes, word choice, punctuation are corrected. However, more complex issues are only highlighted and can only be corrected in Grammarly premium which is more advanced. Plagiarism is one of the main things that Premium deals with.


Download Grammarly and use it every day in your work or life. As a millennial, you stand the chance to shine before your peers and even lead them. You present your work with confidence and determination. Millennials are a generation of the computer era. People who are brought up surrounded by the internet and social networks. Being on the internet for them is a norm and it does not translate to development. Feel free to drop your opinion on this post and observations in the comment box below.

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