Interesting O Positive Blood Type Facts You Should Know

Interesting O Positive Blood Type Facts You Should Know

The O positive blood type is one of the most common blood types found in more than 35% of blood donors in the United States. However, this type of blood is also called the universal red blood cell type.

This means that the O positive blood type can be used immediately whenever an emergency comes up such as traumatic bleeding or emergency transfusions and as a plasma donor. Maybe this is also one of the reasons why it is the most needed blood type.

Interesting O Positive Blood Type Facts You Should Know

Consider yourself lucky if you have an O positive blood type because you can either donate your blood to someone who’s in need. Apart from that, the O positive type of blood has got interesting facts which maybe you didn’t know before. It has been proved that people with O positive blood types have certain health benefits and lower certain risks in humans as well as negative blood types.

Universal Donors

One of the greatest facts that will always remain at the top of amazing O positive blood type facts is that they can donate blood to anyone. This is not just a fact but it is an advantage that can be taken by blood camps by collecting mostly from O positive blood type. In the United States, the majority of the population falls into this category which becomes a major advantage for blood camps to raise more O positive blood.

O type blood people can donate to anyone and it would not create any risk. But, most other types of blood cannot be infused on O+ blood people. They can get blood transfusion only if the blood type is A+, B+, O+, and AB+. Therefore, while receiving it becomes quite selective for people with O positive blood type.

Type O Positive People Have Lower Risk Of Getting A Heart Attack

One of the most common risks, why people die, is a heart attack. But, that is not the case for people having O type of blood group. Therefore, another reason to consider yourself lucky being an O blood group is that the risk of developing coronary heart disease is less. When compared to other types of blood groups like A, B, and AB it can be justified to say that O blood group people are very lucky.

This fact has been proved by several studies where it was revealed that non-O blood type individuals have a 25% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer than those having O blood type. But, these are a few additional benefits that O blood group people may possess. However, the key to happy living is all about having a healthy lifestyle and maintaining proper mental health.

Can Be Passionate, Generous, and Financially Successful

Some countries believe that people having an O+ blood type have certain traits like being passionate, generous, and being financially successful. Especially in Japan, this theory was more popular than in any other country. However, to some point, it can be believed that the type of blood flowing inside a person can bring out distinctive characteristics and traits in them.

In Japan, the same has been portrayed through different TV shows, anime, Japanese manga, and video games where the mentioning of blood types was seen. This is why they believe that people with blood type O are generous, passionate, and are likely to be financially successful. This might be a fact but again let’s not dwell on the fact that it is hard work that pays off.

Less Susceptible To Malaria

Protection against malaria is one thing that people with blood type O positive can rely upon. However, this does not mean not taking precautionary measures even if you are a type O blood type person or negative blood type. Well, the fact that a few scientists did research on this and found that people with O blood seldom die from malaria. However, seeing the RIFIN protein, the protein that is responsible for causing malaria is less able to bond with the type of O blood cells, and therefore there is not much damage caused.

Another amazing yet strange fact is that people with O positive can survive from mosquito bites and will not suffer malaria. But, it is still recommended to take precautionary measures if there is the presence of mosquitoes.

May Be The Reason For Fertility Issues On Women

Not an amazing fact but a pretty important fact that one of the things that can contribute to a woman’s fertility is the type of blood she possesses. There was a study done at the Yale University Fertility Center back in 2011 where researchers found that women with type O blood are likely to have a higher FSH level.

The higher level of FSH levels is an indication that the woman’s ovaries are diminished. In simple words, the chance of getting pregnant for that woman would become slimmer as she gets old. It would also be a great choice for you to consult a doctor in case you are facing a similar issue. As astonishing as it may sound or less likely to develop stomach cancer, fertility issues can be equally depressing at the same time.

Less Likely To Suffer Clotting Issues

Other types of blood group people are most likely to suffer from blood clotting even more than people with O type of blood. It is not that people with type O blood type do not suffer from a blood clot but it is likely to occur in them. Blood types A, B, and AB have a higher level of proteins in them which can contribute to clotting.

Back in 2007, a study published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis had revealed that blood types A, B, or AB were at least 31% more likely to develop thromboembolism. It is a condition in which the formation of a blood clot happens in the leg, groin, or arm and then settles in the lungs.

As amazing as it may sound it is scary too because of how a blood type can determine what kinds of risks one can be most vulnerable to. Thanks to numerous research and studies conducted by famous institutions people can get knowledge about things that their blood is capable of and things that they aren’t.

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