Neck And Back Massager Pillow, Shiatsu Kneading Massage

Neck And Back Massager Pillow, Shiatsu Kneading Massage

Viktor Jurgen brings you a pillow massager that you can use in the comfort of your own home. It has four deep-kneading balls that simulate a deep tissue massage. The massage pillow can be used on your shoulders, arms, neck, and your back. Whether you have sore muscles or are recovering from a muscle injury, you can use the massager to relieve any tightness and discomfort. This massager can also be used to help increase blood flow.

Not only do you get a soothing massage, but the pillow massager comes with an optional heating option. The advanced heating therapy from the pillow massager ranges to around 42 degrees. The heat is bearable, and it will go a long way in easing any tension that you may have in your body. The heated nodes will rotate to ensure that you are not in pain but feel relieved after your massage. Not only can you use the shiatsu massage in the comfort of your home, but you can also use it in the car.

When you purchase the shiatsu massager, it comes with a user manual, car charge, and AC adapter. You can choose the rotation direction on the massager and use the setting that suits you best. For your convenience, the massager comes with an adjustable strap that fits many chairs. The strap ensures that the massager doesn’t move and you focus on the area that needs attention. If you feel like the pressure of the massager is low, you can lean into the massager to receive the kneading pressure that you like.

The massager has a thirty-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the massager, you can get in touch with the seller. They are very responsive on Amazon, which makes it easy to claim your money-back guarantee. There is a one-year warranty, and the massager is designed for lifetime use. The massager is easy to use. The power button and buttons used to control the massage settings are within reach as you use the massager.

The good points

1.) The heat that comes from the massager is effective without being overly hot. You don’t have to worry about burning yourself; you can relax and enjoy the massage.

2.) The massager sits perfectly regardless of what body part you want to use it on. You will not find yourself constantly re-adjusting the massage pillow.

3.) The heat is optional, meaning you can enjoy a massage on a hot summer’s day without worrying about the heat from the massager.

4.) You can control the massager while you get the message as the control panel is within reach.

The bad points

1.) The hard plastic balls in the massager may be too much pressure for some people.

2.) Depending on where you use the massager, you may need to hold the cord to keep it plugged in


This is the perfect pillow massager to buy if you want to release tension in your neck or lower back. The pressure from the massager coupled with the heat will relieve any knots. This massager is highly recommended because you can use it in the house and the car.

What are others saying about it?

Amazon ID Jaqueda

Oh my heavens !!!!!!
So I got this for my man. He didn’t like it but I used it and whattttttttttt !!! So the best way for me to describe what it feels like is to imagine the chair in the mall or nail salon. It does heat up and you can feel it but it’s comfortable not like super-hot.
I love that I can move it to wherever I need to (like my shoulders, lower back and even my legs on leg day lol)

Amazon ID BWilliams

Best one yet and I have tried a ton of these. Doesn’t turn off after a few min, but will if it’s been running too long or too heated. I’m in the medical field and this is a necessity. I’ve even taken it on long trips in the car.

Amazon ID Amazon Customer

This is a very good product for relaxation and relieving stress and I am very satisfied. After looking at many products and reading all of the reviews I am glad I chose this one. I have only used it at home but find it very easy and effective to use. I am a big guy and this product is durable enough to provide the power to the massage balls to keep moving and not stall. You have to use reasonable pressure and don’t lean all of your weight into it. I would recommend…my wife is even stealing it when I am not looking

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