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Resistance Bands Set

Are you in the market for the best and most reliable product to help build your muscle mass and muscle strength? Look no further than the 22 pcs Resistance bands set by Recredo which contains all the wonderful accessories for resistance training.

First, we have the workout bands with handles. With a wide range of exercise forms, from body toning, training your muscles, and building muscle mass, these workout bands come with five levels of resistance to allow you to reach your maximum strength level as they can be stacked to reach the equivalent of 150 pounds.

The bands are made from this very strong and high-quality latex that gives them the capacity to resist great strains. Even with this strong fiber, the bands remain very light when it comes to weight and are not bulky so you can easily carry them. For efficient exercise and comfort, they are equipped with nicely padded and comfortable ankle straps.

This set also contains these amazing loop booty bands, the figure of eight resistance bands, a door anchor, some core sliders, and an added jump rope. This entire set of 22 pieces will make your gym very much complete and will give you a wide range of exercises to pick from. It comes with its very own package box for easy portability.

If you are not sure about how each component works, the bag comes with a full manual on how to best make use of each product in the kit. This will help you optimize your fitness regime while making full use of the supplied equipment.

The Good

  1. Very durable material
  2. A complete kit for a wide range of exercise and workout routines
  3. Stackable bands that provide increasing levels of resistance to a cutter for beginners and long-time users
  4. Lightweight and very portable
  5. Has a manual included to help make the best use of the kit

The Bad

  1. Takes time to dry after washing

Should You Buy them?

This 22pcs Recredo set is a complete kit to make your gym space such a dynamic and diverse place. With stackable bands that carry you from beginner level to the ultimate level, you are assured of the best body-building experience at such an assembled price. The material is built to last, very much elastic and durable. You can easily travel with your set as it comes with its carry bag. Hurry and get yourself the Recredo set and you will not be disappointed.

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Thick Exercise Mat

  • The ProsourceFit foldable mat offers you comfort as you do your floor exercises.
  • The mat is portable and has two handles making it easy to move from one spot to another.
  • The thickness of the mat will protect your joints as you do your exercise, and you never have to worry about sweat ruining your mat.
  • To clean the mat, wipe it down and leave it dry.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: Lilmama

This is the set I didn’t know I needed! I have been wanting to incorporate more exercises in my routine and this set has more than doubled what I’m able to do at home. The long resistance bands are so easy to use with the included handles and ankle straps. So glad I bought this.

Amazon ID: Dave A

Every item in this 22 piece set is well made and should last a long time. Excellent variety of bands with strength from extra light to extra heavy. And the provided chart covers a wide variety of exercises for all parts of the body.

Amazon ID: Karen Boneo

I have recently decided I wanted to get in shape as well as to help my brother with his hand therapy. After some research and recommendations for my brother by his doctor, I decided to buy some resistance bands. I found these and thought it was a great deal. It had everything I wanted and more. I’ve used it every day since I’ve gotten it and everything works great and my brother is enjoying using them for his therapy. Highly recommend it, especially if you’re a beginner! The quality is amazing as well.

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