Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine With Heat

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine With Heat

Sometimes after a long day, week, or intense exercise, you need to relax and take good care of yourself. Your body and mind need it to avoid burnout and reduce stress. Along with resting, positivity, and a body massage, you will also need a foot massage. Massaging your feet has many benefits, including boosting blood circulation, aiding recovery after an injury, helping with joint pain, improving sleep, and more. Get yourself, your family, and friends InvoSpa’s shiatsu foot massager machine to enjoy these and many other benefits.

The massager features two independent foot chambers that provide a combination of shiatsu kneading and rolling massage for a relieving foot massage. For the shiatsu kneading massage technique, there is a built-in bi-directional massaging movement control that mimics the motion of a shiatsu massage done by a person. The InvoSpa foot massager combines shiatsu as one of the mixed massaging techniques for better distribution of massage effects. The second massage technique, rolling and pressing, is used by default with the InvoSpa foot massager. You can control it to change the kneading direction whenever you want with just a press of a button.

The air compression function has three adjustable intensities to help apply pressure to all parts of the foot. You can use air compression with the Shiatsu and Rolling techniques to enjoy the ideal massage experience and get the desired pressure level. You can easily adjust the intensity of the massage and choose between three different pressure levels for an easy, relaxing leg massage or deep tissue shiatsu kneading massage.

There is an extra mode for only air compression with no kneading. This product also has an infrared heat function that might take two or three sessions to heat up. You can turn this function on to help improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension, tired feet, neuropathy, chronic nerve pain, and plantar fasciitis. The foot massager also includes mini Ergonomics massage heads that can massage more acupuncture points.

This foot massager comes with an extra-long cord (2 meters!), so you can enjoy the perfect self-massage at your preferred spot at home or in your office. The massager’s feet pockets are also washable. The foot cover is removable by a zipper, making the electric foot massager machine extremely easy and convenient to keep clean all the time. You only need to unzip the covers off, wash and let them dry, then zip them up again. This durable shiatsu foot massager makes a great gift idea for any of your loved ones!

The good points

  1. There are various massaging techniques to give you the best home or office massage experience possible.
  2. The massager has an extra-long cord that allows you to use it at a spot that is convenient for you.
  3. It has a heat function for more benefits.
  4. You can adjust the massage intensity to suit your needs.
  5. The feet pockets are easy to wash.

The bad points

  1. Some want a quieter massage and find the sound disturbing.
  2. The foot chambers may be too small or big for some people.

Should you get it?

Getting the machine is a good idea, especially for those who spend the day on their feet or sitting in the same position. The massager has many benefits to let it pass.

What others are saying about it?

Amazon ID: Debi

I’ve always wanted a foot massager, one that doesn’t need water or just vibrates. This one has heat, kneading and squeezing. Nothing to put together, just take it out of the box and plug it in. It has 3 modes for squeezing and kneading and I for heat. There are little booties that are zipped in for easy removal for washing. It has a 15 minute automatic turn off and it is very quiet. My feet have been in it for 45 minutes now. Oma, it feels so good. I can actually feel the knots in my feet being worked on. I’m very hard on my feet and hands so I’m loving this little purchase. Down side, the directions need to be more in depth explaining the modes.

Amazon ID: On-The-Lake

This Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine is exactly what I needed for my neuropathy-pained-feet. I’ve used it a few times and like it a lot. Wonderful use of my birthday Amazon gift certificate!! Thanks, son!!! I will let you use it when you come!!! 🙂

Amazon ID: Stephanie N

I purchased this for my mother because she is constantly on her feet. She actually works in the nail business, and her line of work is to make others feel good, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for her. I chose this specifically for the color since this is her favorite color, but it works wonderfully too. Not too rough, but gets the balls of your feet, gives a great pressure to the heels. She and my dad love it! Keep in mind, the pressure is not very strong, but because she has very tender feet, this works great for her.

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