The ULTIMATE 5 Beauty Mantras Every JLaw Fan Will Love To Follow!

The ULTIMATE 5 Beauty Mantras Every JLaw Fan Will Love To Follow!

Don’t we remember her spine-chilling action sequences in The Hunger Games! Or hasn’t the beautiful and seductive Tiffany Maxwell in the Oscar winning movie Silver Linings Playbook won our hearts?  

Whatever the movie is, we all have to accept one thing. Jennifer Lawrence is the talk of the town and is taking the glam world by storm.

She is not the kind of an actress who fancies fad diets or a stick thin personality. Right from her stunning wavy look that created ripples on the red carpet, to her killer lip gloss which attracted the paparazzi, JLaw has her own way of doing things.

No wonder Coldplay’s Chris Martin fell for her enthralling beauty.

So what am I waiting for? Here are this gorgeous girl’s beauty secrets that can help you up to your beauty quotient!

Ah, That Skin!

Organic bath salts are a must for JLaw, especially before she is attending any big event. According to her personal trainer, organic bath salts curtail extra bloating and help her squeeze into a form-fitting dress. They also make her skin soft and supple and help remove calluses.

Those Eyes, They Mesmer‘Eyes’!

Ever looked at Jennifer Lawrence’s eyes? Let it be a penciled-in eyebrow complemented by a smudge of chocolate eyeliner. Or those epic smoky eyes that created thunders in tinsel town. Whatever it is, her eyes are flawlessly natural. An eye seal, plus a black eye liner or a shadow with black micro glitter would do the trick!

The Hair One Can Die For

Flyaway hair is a strict no-no for Jennifer Lawrence. So what’s her secret? Any toothbrush that has natural bristles. Spew a little hair spray over the bristles. Then brush your hair back into its place.

And the result? The Stunning Hair One Can Die For!


JLaw lives by a mantra. If you are setting out with a sultry smoky eye, then applying a lip balm to your lips and prepping them is what you should be doing. Just smooth another shade to cover your lips’ natural shade.

Her Diet Secrets

As already discussed, Jennifer Lawrence is a strict non-believer with a stick thin personality. But she does take lean Turkey and Asparagus to stay in shape and avoid bloating.

Tea tops her ‘must-have-foods’ list. She is a fan of both dandelion and chamomile tea. The former helps in trimming down the waist and detoxifying the body and the latter helps her calm down and relieves stress.

Stretching is one important law of JLaw. She does Yoga and Pilates which have been helping her stay in shape.

Now that you have got a glimpse of the starlet’s beauty secrets, how would you like a bonus? Jennifer Lawrence is known for the variety of hairstyles she dons. And here are the top three of her styles.

1. The Red Carpet Waves

This has to be at the top for obvious reasons. Use a fritz-fighter to blow out your hair and create shine and volume. Fix your hair in hot rollers that are flying away from your face. Remove the rollers once your hair cools down and spray on a flat brush using a flexible-hold hairspray. Brush through the hands as needed for those alluring bouncy waves.

2. The Cute Pony

Apply the required amount of mousse (a firm hold volumizing one) to moist hair. And then use a medium-sized round brush to blow-dry it. Quickly pull your hair into a ponytail and don’t forget to bobby-pin in the right place.

3. The Perfect Braid For Summer

Straighten your hair using a mousse after drying your hair with a hair dryer. Form a braid that is swept to the side. Start doing this behind one ear and plait it till it drapes over your shoulder.

Hope you will get into some ‘beauty-experimenting’ right away! Because when it is Jennifer Lawrence, you just can’t wait but don those styles, right?!

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