These 7 Foods Spell DEATH. Avoid Them If You Want To Stay Alive

These 7 Foods Spell DEATH. Avoid Them If You Want To Stay Alive

Have you ever considered this? What if your morning breakfast, which you think is ‘healthy and nutritious’, contains all those elements which can take away your life sooner than you expected?

Sounds scary? I know. What’s even scarier is most of these foods are being advertised and promoted as ‘health foods.

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you even can’t judge an eatable by its advertisement. You need to know the facts. And facts are what we provide.

1. White Bread

The morning clock is racing and you are in a hurry to get to work. You button up your shirt, zip up your pants, and head to the breakfast table. You cram in a couple of slices of bread with butter sandwiched in between. And then you head out of your home, collars raised and head held high for having devoured a nutritious meal.

Guess what?

Continue doing the same, and no wonder you would have to book a hospital bed one day. Because this humble breakfast dish is not as healthy as it looks. White bread lacks nutritional value and contains a lot of sugar! Also, white bread plays a cunning role in slowly adding up your body weight over a period of a few years.

2. White Rice

Please. I am not trying to be racist here. It is the facts that speak, anything white is not good for you. And the same applies to white rice too. Similar to white bread, white rice doesn’t contain much nutritional value. It also makes your body store unwanted fats thereby hindering weight loss.

3. Canned Tomatoes

Canned foods are always a no-no when it comes to healthy living. Especially canned tomatoes, which contain a toxic chemical called BPA. This hazardous chemical can lead to reproductive problems, increase the chances of breast and prostate cancers, and also heighten the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

4. Table Salt

This might come as a shocker. The salt we use at home is an indispensable ingredient in our foods. Miss to add a pinch of salt, that’s it, your food would be as good as junk in the trashcan. It has been found that regular table salt in our homes and the salt in processed foods are way different from the kind of salt our body needs. The so called refined or processed salt comprises 98 % sodium chloride and 2 % manmade chemicals. Whereas natural salt (also known as Himalayan Salt) contains 84 % sodium chloride remaining 16 % other essential minerals and nutrients.

5. Microwave Popcorn

That lustrous microwave popcorn bag consists of PFOA and PFOS, two chemicals used to keep grease from leaking in fast food bags; and the very same chemicals which keep you and me from staying healthy or getting out alive in the long run. When the bags are heated, what we get is not a lip-smacking bowl of popcorn, but a poisonous ‘get-together’ of chemicals and snacks that soon take us to the exit gates.

6. Processed Meats

These eternal favorites of the ultra-modern men and women are a collection of potential diseases. Processed meats are usually made from animals raised in confined environments. These animals are injected with growth hormones and other drugs. Consuming their meats would give us ailments we would even fear hearing about.

7. Vegetable Oils

These 7 Foods Spell DEATH. Avoid Them If You Want To Stay Alive

Vegetables? Sure! But vegetable oils? Time to sit back and think deeply. Most of the destructive foods we consume are born in heated vegetable oils. These oils are highly processed and when consumed in large amounts, distort the Omega -3 to Omega -6 ratio. This might lead to severe complications.

Frozen in disbelief? Go have a light meal, and make sure it doesn’t contain any of these seven unhealthy foods!

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