Top 10 Dry Skin Care Treatments You Can Do At Home

Top 10 Dry Skin Care Treatments You Can Do At Home

If you suffer from dry skin and have gone pillar to post looking for remedies that can help alleviate symptoms such as itchy and sensitive skin due to dryness, then help is at hand. Those of you, who suffer from dry skin, may also suffer from dry patches that can be rather embarrassing. Though the market is flooded with dozens of creams and lotions that have great claims, only a few actually work. Here are a few home remedies that can help alleviate symptoms of dry skin and make your skin glow with radiance.

Dry Skin Treatment At Home

1. Ghee is one of the most effective dry skin treatments at home. You can buy some pure ghee, or get butter and make ghee, to treat dry skin. Ghee helps in activating sebum secretion. Gently rub some pure ghee onto your face and other affected areas in a slow and circular motion so that it is absorbed by the skin. Leave it on for a few hours before you step into the shower.

2. Milk, which is the primary ingredient in the preparation of ghee, butter, or yogurt, can also be used to fight against dry skin. Boil milk till it becomes thick and reduces in quantity. Allow the milk to cool down and apply it all over the skin. If you feel that the dry skin problem is localized only to some areas, you can apply it only to those parts. Allow the paste to dry up completely before washing it off. This is another effective home treatment for dry skin.

3. Lime juice along with warm mustard oil is one of the best combinations to exfoliate dry skin. Dip a slice of lemon into the mustard oil and rub it onto hardened surfaces like soles. With regular use, your hard and dry soles will become soft and supple.

4. There is a general misconception that the application of coconut oil on the skin may increase the growth of hair. This is just a myth that keeps several hundred deprived of the many benefits of coconut oil. Simple to procure and use, coconut oil does wonder at replenishing and locking in the natural moisture of the skin.

5. Olive oil and lavender oil in the combination of a 2:1 ratio is found to be very effective in treating dry skin. Not only does this mixture help reveal brighter and younger skin, but it also makes your skin very soft and supple.

6. Vitamin E oil is used to target excessive dryness. It is rich in antioxidants that also help clear the skin. This oil helps in fighting against skin aging, scaly skin, and other related skin problems. Since the oil is thick and greasy apply it to problem areas before you hit the sack. Wake up and wash off with a body scrub made of honey for best results.

7. Lack of vitamins in your daily diet can also be one of the reasons for the personification of dry and scaly skin. Eat a balanced diet and consume plenty of water to combat dry skin, Add almonds, corn, olive oil, and fruits to your regular diet.

8. Severe cases of dry skin may also be treated with avocado oil. And if you do not have oil, simply make a paste of this wonder fruit that adds flavor to just about any recipe. Mash up the pulp of this fruit with some honey and apply the mask to your face and other affected areas. The pack will gently exfoliate dry cells and moisturize your skin.

9. The word glycerine brings to my mind the many Pears soap ads. An innocent and cute child who cannot resist touching her mother’s soft and supple skin. If you thought the ad was a farce, you are wrong! Glycerine works wonder not just on dry skin but also on chapped lips. Combine glycerine with rose water to treat dry and itchy skin.

10. If you suffer from dry and cracked soles, it is time you began caring for them. Dry and cracked soles if left unattended can become painful and be a homing ground for bacteria. The next time you eat a banana do not throw away the peel. Instead, rub the inside of the peel on your cracked heels. Be patient and follow this as many times as you can. You will be surprised and how soft your heels will feel in a few weeks.

Try one or more of these remedies to see which works best for you. In addition to these remedies, switch to soaps made of herbs. Use a baby moisturizer that is bound to be softer on your skin. If possible also use a humidifier to add moisture to the room you spend the most time!

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