Top 5 Places for the Nature Lovers to Visit in Montreal

Places for the Nature Lovers to Visit in Montreal

People like to go for a vacation and travel somewhere pleasing to relax and just get rid of the daily stress. I can tell you are one of them as well, ever thought of visiting Montreal for a vacation, if you did then it’s going to be a pleasure reading this article. So here’s to them who don’t know Montreal, Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, Canada with a population of 17.8 lakhs. It is popular for many parks and beautiful natural attractions. If you are planning on a trip to Montreal then you might want to check the top 5 places for nature lovers.

Mount Royal Park

The Mount Royal Park was inaugurated in the year of 1876; it was beautifully designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the same designer responsible for New York’s beautiful Central Park. The Park is filled with a range of bird species and plants that just changes your mood and makes you feel calm. It is also an ideal spot if you like to enjoy outdoor activities. Other than that the park offers services that you can choose such as exhibitions.

Laurentian Mountains

Located close to Montreal, the Laurentian Mountains are popular for the various thrilling activities that will give you an adrenaline boost along with a beautiful sight of nature. You can enjoy skiing, dog sledding and ice skating in winters. Do not worry as for other seasons you can enjoy watching whales, going for mountain biking as well as kayaking. It is a blast for people who like thrill and nature.

Japanese Garden

If you love botanical gardens then it is for you. The Japanese garden is a huge part of botanical gardens having an area as large as 15-acres. It has various trees among which the Bonsai trees are a sight to behold. It gives a Japanese cultural vibe mixed with beautiful nature. It has tea rooms, an art gallery and a Zen garden making you fall in love with the place. You will surely learn a lot about the rich Japanese culture.

Parc Des Rapides

Parc Des Rapides is a natural wildlife and bird sanctuary, you can see a lot of animals there such as a variety of birds, foxes and turtles. It is located at the end of Lac St-Louis and St- Laurent River. It is a great place for sightseeing and animal lovers; you can relax in the shade of trees feel the cold breeze and just enjoy your day.

La Fontaine Park

The La Fontaine Park sports a beautiful lake with ducks swimming in it along with a water fountain to make your experience with nature a lot refreshing. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers that add to the soothing experience of the viewer. There are many activities as well such as biking in the summer and ice skating in the winter that you can enjoy.

These are some beautiful natural attractions that will fill your mood in joy and make your vacation a lot better and memorable in Montreal. Be sure to check these destinations out if you go to Montreal and for staying you can take help from any property management firms there are plenty of family housing options to purchase or rent you can get in touch with firms as they have plenty of professionally managed apartments and townhomes to rent.

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