Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit w/Beard Conditioner

Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit w/Beard Conditioner

Is your beard getting too dense and unruly or is it as sparse as a field of tumbleweed? Then it is high time you make them respect that beard, introducing the Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit.

This is the perfect combo, consisting of all the things you need to make your beard grow fast and healthy, and also to trim it nicely into the perfect state. The kit comes with a luxury gift box that is fully packed with Beard Conditioner, Beard Shampoo, Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Brush, Beard Comb, Beard Scissors, and Storage Bag, and an EBook.

The shampoo and conditioner are all made of nurturing natural ingredients that help to fully nourish your beard while being friendly to your skin. Beard dandruff and irritated skin will be a thing of the past. You will get some nice and neatly straightened mane that will be the envy of the whole town.

Lustre and full growth will be assured by the beard oil and beard balm. These have all the essential minerals that are specially added to make your beard grow faster. With the vitamins that guarantee softness, you will not have to worry yourself with brittleness, your beard will grow so soft and so full.

When you have reached your preferred length and thickness, you can always trim and nicely shape your beard with scissors, brush, and comb. The whole kit comes in this sleek storage bag so that you will not lose your gear. An E-Book is added to the pack, to give you tips on how to maintain your beard healthily and lustrous.

The good points

  1. 100% natural ingredients are friendly to the skin. This means it is good for those with sensitive skin and will not cause irritation.
  2. It is very affordable
  3. Has vitamins and minerals to not only increase growth rate but also help attain good strength, moisturization, and vitality.
  4. The beard brush is soft and provides with massaging effect that stimulates the release of essential oils that assure beard growth
  5. The case and kit are small enough and portable thus facilitating easy packing.
  6. Scissors are sharp and well-structured to assure a perfect trim. They are small enough to allow trimming of mustaches and even nose hairs

The bad points

  1. The comb has an off feel about it, hard to really grip it comfortably.

Should you buy it?

The Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit is the best product out there for those who love their beard. With the gift box filled with such goodies made from 100% natural substances, you will get the best beard growth, smoothness, and luster. You will have the healthiest beard possible. What is more, you can carry it when you travel. This is a perfect gift for every beard aficionado. Hurry get yourself one.

What others are saying about it?

Amazon ID: Kursten

I freaking love this set. I got it for my husband for a father’s day gift because he is always using my special conditioner on his beard and he is always using and losing my daughter’s comb set to brush his beard so this kit was perfect. It came way faster than expected, less than a four-day wait. The packaging was nice and very masculine. The scissors and brushes are both fine, I don’t have a beard but I’m sure these are better than the hello kitty set he has been using. The real stars are the oils and balm, they smell nice and I’m excited to see how nice they will make my husband’s beard look. I’m shocked that for how much I paid that this set is as nice as it is, I wasn’t expecting to get such quality stuff. I will buy another kit for my brothers when their birthdays roll around.

Amazon ID: AlanJD

Finally growing my first beard at 60. I know nothing about how to care for or maintain a beard but this product seems to have everything I could need. So far, I like it. The oil, balm, and shampoo all seem like great products but I’ll admit I have nothing to compare it to. I did not get the ebook with the order so I contacted the seller and they sent it to me. Technically it is not an “ebook”, it is a PDF document but it explains the products in the kit and how to use them. I like the brush since I can feel how well it goes through the beard.

Amazon ID: Oka

I’m skeptical of promises made by-products. I’ve tried a few and meh. I’m really happy with this one though. From the first use, I’ve been offering my beard for all to touch lol. It’s fuller, cleaner and softer. I’m proud of it for the first time. Due to a motorcycle accident that’s left me a bit disabled I can’t shave and having a beard I didn’t know how to manage was bothersome.

Completely chuffed now. Thanks, guys. A great kit. The wooden comb is especially great

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