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Microphone Pro Neodymium Dynamic Mic XLR Audio Cardiod Karaoke


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Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909- Bring Clarity to Your Sound

5 Core Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 is versatile for live performance, broadcasting, recording, and podcasting. Dynamic microphones are known for their ability to handle high sound pressure levels, making it ideal for use in loud environments. The mic is also known for its durability and ruggedness, making it a popular choice for on-stag use.

The Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 works by converting sound waves into an electrical current through a diaphragm and a magnet. The diaphragm is a thin piece of material, and it is made of metal that vibrates in response to sound waves. The magnet is positioned behind the diaphragm, generating an electrical current. This electrical current is then amplified and sent to a speaker or recording device.

One of the main advantages of Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 is its high SPL handling capability. SPL stands for sound pressure level, and it is a measure of how loud a sound is. A dynamic mic is able to handle high SPLs, making it ideal for use in loud environments such as live performances, where the sound level can be quite high. This is why professionals rely on Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 when going to live venues, stage performances, or outdoor events.

The Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 also offers a high level of durability and ruggedness. It can resist damage from drops, bumps, and other physical abuse. This makes the Neodymium Mic an ideal choice for live performance settings, where equipment is often subjected to rough handling.

5 Core Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 also offers a good isolation level from background noise. This is due to its directional polar pattern, which is how the microphone picks up sound. Neodymium mics’ unidirectional pattern means they only pick up sound from one direction. This makes this microphone well-suited for use in noisy environments, where it can help isolate the main sound source from background noise.

The 5 Core pro neodymium mic audio ND 909 is inexpensive, which makes the mic accessible even to those people with a moderate budget. The mic is also easy to use and does not require additional equipment or power sources, making it a popular choice for beginners.

USPs os Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909

  • CARDIOID DYNAMIC MICROPHONE- Wired microphones feature a Unidirectional Dynamic cardioid handheld Microphone that helps pick up patterns and built-in spherical wind and pop filter, ideal for live situations where noise cancellation is needed and delivers high-quality crystal clear sound. These handheld microphones are remarkable for presentations, weddings, conferences, church, interviews, Karaoke, and solo performances.
  • FLAT, WIDE-RANGE FREQUENCY- Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 has a Neodymium magnet in the cartridge for high signal-to-noise outputWide Frequency response designed for vocals, with highlighted midrange and bass effects. Suited well for handling high sound pressure levels. It is tailored for spoken word, vocals, and various instruments.
  • OPTIMAL SPEECH INTELLIGIBILITY- These professional microphone delivers a low distortion for clean sound output, precise reproduction of speech, and vocals with excellent intelligibility. Great for every day as well as occasional use such as singing musical performances, public speaking, podcasts, karaoke, blogging, gaming, and more. Compatible with, karaoke machines, mixers, PA systems, and amplifiersCompatible to mount with any standard universal microphone stand.
  • A XLR DELUXE TO 1/4” AUDIO METAL JACK INCLUDED- Allowing the karaoke microphone to be directly plugged into an amplifier speaker or karaoke machine that has a 1/4” (6.35mm) mic in jack. It’s thick enough for brilliant, transparent sound transmission with no loss. 16ft-long enough to move unimpeded so you can concentrate on nothing but the performance.
  • RUGGED AND RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION- Pro Neodymium Mic Audio ND 909 is robust, simpler to operate with suitable size and shape for your hands, being a better option for public speaking. Built-in pop filter for protection against plosives. An external on/off switch on it for easy control of audio.
  • ACCESSORIES – 1 x detachable 16 feet microphone cable. (3 Pin-XLR to Mono Plug) x Mic Clip x Bag.

5 Core introduces Metal Microphone – ND 909 CHROME along with a large variety of Plastic wired microphones rendering high-end user gratification with its intriguing features and fine appearance.

* Premium-quality ferrite magnet in cartridge
* Good reception of the Microphone
* 4.5m coaxial, shielded low noise cable
* Metal with thick foam for shock/dust proofing cartridge
* Universally-matched 3-pin professional XLR connector
* Best quality Copper Finished paint for the finest look
* We have largest range of Wired Microphones
* Easily compatible with all PA System
* Perfect molded body for handling the Microphone effortlessly

Technical Specifications:

* Type: Dynamic
* Polar Patten: Cardioid
* Output impedance: .600 Ω (±15%)
* Sensitivity: -54(±3)dB (at 1KHz)0dB=1V/Pa)
* Frequency response: 60Hz~14KHz
* Cable Length: 5.0*4 meters


Overall, the dynamic microphone is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable, and rugged microphone that can handle high sound pressure levels. It is well suited for use in liver performance settings, broadcasting, podcasting, and other situations where a high level of isolation from background noise is required. The mic is also low-priced and easy to use, making it an accessible option for many users.


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