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Product Description

Squalane Oil is a beauty oil that you absolutely must try. It is colorless and odorless, and absorbs more quickly than you would think. It is known as a ‘dry’ oil, meaning that is does not leave behind any oily or greasy residue on the skin.

Squalane Oil is found throughout nature. Some brands actually harvest their Squalane from Shark Liver. We find this disturbing and reprehensible.

The Russell Organics Squalane Oil is derived from Olives.

There is some market confusion about the name of the product. To clear the matter up, as actual formulators who work with raw ingredients, we can clarify the name. There are two compounds available for this ingredient; squalene and squalane. Both of similar origin. Squalene is the actual initial compound that is extracted. The issue with squalene is that it is extremely unstable for use in a cosmetic product. It will oxidize very quickly and become unusable. Therefore one extra measure is made to hydrogenize the squalene which is then known as squalane. Squalane is very stable and contains all of the same benefits.

If you have never used Squalane Oil before, you will be amazed at how well it moisturizes your skin. It turns out that the human body produces Squalane, which is one of the key components to youthful looking skin. As we age, our production of Squalane starts to decrease, bringing on the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

Since Squalane Oil easily and rapidly absorbs deep into the skin, it is an ideal supplement for decreasing production levels. Squalane Oil is non-comedonal, which means is does not clog pores.

Squalane Oil is perhaps nature’s perfect moisturizer. Ideal for the face, hands, or any part of the body in need of nurturing and nourishment. You will notice rapid visible results from the use of Squalane Oil.

Size: 2 Fl Oz | 60 m

Usage: Apply a few drops to the face in gentle circular motions. Allow to absorb for a few minutes. May be applied as often as desired. For hands and nail beds, apply a few drops on the cuticle area in the evening to allow the oil to fully absorb at night. For body, apply Squalane after a shower or bath, or any time the skin is in need of a boost. Squalane is excellent as a base for makeup and as an extra moisture boost beneath a skin cream.

Ingredients: vegetal Squalane Oil


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